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2022-23 Academic Year

The AMES PTA is excited to extend a PTA grant program to our amazing teachers! Our grant cap is directly linked to the success of our fundraisers. Individual grant requests are limited to no more than $300 per teacher. We will also accept team grant proposals in which case larger awards will be allowed by combining individual teacher’s grant funds.

There will be a deadline of September 2nd, 2022. After this deadline, grant applications will not be accepted



All full-time homeroom teachers, resource teachers, school nurse, counselors, and media specialist can submit a grant request for the following: Instructional Materials, Educational Aids, Classroom Support, or Creative learning projects.


Grant Application forms must be reviewed and approved by a member of the PTA Executive Board to ensure the purchases meet the parameters of our annual audit. All grants applied for during the 2022-23 year must be for use within the current school year.  If you do not use your grant money within the required timeframe, the monies will go back into the PTA general fund.  PTA funds will not be awarded to pay for items regularly provided for by CCSD. Past awards include specific classroom equipment/furnishings, classroom rewards and leveled reading materials. Please fill out the following form to gain approval before purchasing items with your grant money. 


Once your submission is reviewed, you will receive an email confirmation either approving or denying your request. Please make the purchases in a timely fashion so that you meet the September 2nd deadline.



After your grant has been approved and your purchases have been made, you MUST fill out a PTA check request form, as provided, and attach ORIGINAL receipts to receive PTA funds.  Reimbursement forms may only be submitted to the Treasurer in hard copy. Please send them to the front office to be placed in the PTA bin. The Treasurer will pick up forms twice a week thru September 2nd.


There are two ways you can complete your purchase:

  • PTA Preferred Method: You can make the purchase with your own money and get reimbursed.  All PTA check requests must be received by September 2nd and will be processed no later than September 9th.

  • Alternative Method (if needed): You can pull together all the info required for the PTA to make the purchase for you and submit by the September 2nd deadline. Purchases will be made by the PTA within a week of the deadline.


*All materials/equipment purchased by the AMES PTA must remain with AMES for the benefit of AMES students.


Jason Quinn, President –      

Stephanie Villano, Treasurer –

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