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Teacher Grant Program

 Spring 2024

The AMES PTA is excited to offer grants to our amazing teachers once again! Individual grant requests are limited to no more than $100 per teacher. We will also accept team grant proposals where larger requests will be granted by combining teacher grant funds. The deadline to submit a grant request is April 11, 2024. After this deadline, grant requests will no longer be accepted.


All AMES full-time homeroom teachers, resource teachers, school nurse(s), counselor(s), and media specialist(s) who are current PTA members of the 2023-24 academic year.


  • Thursday, April 11th, 2024: Deadline to submit Check Request Form to PTA

  • April 15th–19th, 2024: Reimbursement checks received


  1. If you are not a PTA member already, please join at PTA membership is only $10. You must be a PTA member to be eligible for grant funds!

  2. Shop for and purchase up to $100 worth of items for your classroom. Please NOTE that you will NOT be reimbursed for purchases outside of the below listed parameters!* If you have ANY questions about if a purchase will be reimbursed, please email us at BEFORE purchasing. There are TWO ways you can complete your purchase:​​

    1. PTA Preferred Method: Purchase items with your own money, and get reimbursed. 

      • Submit ONE Check Request Form with ALL ORIGINAL receipts to the PTA box in the front office by no later than April 11, 2024. Hard copies only.​

      • PTA will review purchases and write all reimbursement checks by the week of April 15th–19th, 2024.

    2. Alternative Method (if needed): Submit all needed purchase info to the PTA via email at by April 11, 2024. Purchases will be made by the PTA by the week of April 15th–19th, 2024.


  • Educational aids (whiteboards, markers, etc)

  • Creative learning projects, STEM items

  • Classroom furnishings (carpets, seating, etc)

  • Classroom craft supplies

  • Classroom rewards

  • Electric pencil sharpeners

  • Electric staplers

  • Recess items

  • Classroom library books

  • Mini laminator and laminating sheets

  • Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards

  • Classroom holiday decor

  • Past classroom purchases with a dated receipt from the current school year

  • And more!

  • NO items that CCSD provides

  • NO technology (iPads, laptops, smart plugs, charging stations, etc)

  • NO paper products

  • NO pets or pet supplies

  • NO vinyl cutting machines (Cricut, Silhouette, etc)

  • NO personalized items

***PTA funds will not be awarded to pay for items that CCSD provides. You will NOT be reimbursed if your purchases fall outside of the above parameters. If you have ANY questions about if a purchase will be reimbursed, please email us at BEFORE purchasing.***

All grants applied for during the 2023-24 academic year must be for use within that school year. If you do not use your grant money within the required timeframe, the monies will go back into the PTA General Fund. 


Reimbursement checks must be cashed within 90 days of issuance, or the monies will go back into the PTA General Fund.

All materials/equipment purchased through the AMES PTA Teacher Grant Program must remain with AMES for the benefit of AMES students.

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