PTA Documents

Arnold Mill PTA Bylaws


These changes were originally discussed and voted on, unanimously passing, at our general meeting in August, but we did not meet the compliance deadline of posting the proposed change 30 days prior to the vote (we met 8/31 and school was not yet in session on 7/31, we did not post until the second week of August)

We will re-vote on these proposed changes at our General Meeting on March 16th at 6:30pm via Zoom:

  • Update to Article V, Section 7, Lines 135 & 136 from “$5.00” to read:

    • Each member of this local PTA shall pay annual dues of $10.00 to said association.  The amount of such annual dues shall include the portion payable to the Georgia PTA and the portion payable to the National PTA.


  • Update to Article VI, Section 1, Line 138 from “7 vice presidents” to read: 

    • 4 vice president(s) *(designate officer’s responsibilities and titles, if applicable)